Bespoke Production Music

Whether you are a TV or radio producer, film-maker, editor, music director, game creator, podcaster or any other type of creative, 40 Ocean can deliver bespoke production music to deadline in virtually any style or tempo. We have a proven track record with many major media companies and have work published by BBC Worldwide and Audio Network.

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Music Production: Recording, Mixing, Editing

Want to deliver professional and vibrant music to your client, label or audience? No matter where you are in the creative process, we can help. 40 Ocean works with songwriters, artists and DJs either remotely or in person at our studio near Mount Adams and the beautiful Columbia Gorge, WA, USA. We have decades of results and experience to fall back on.

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Voice-Over, Podcast and Audio Book Creation, Editing and Mastering

40 Ocean can create, engineer, produce, edit, clean up, polish and master your spoken word audio files to deliver a professional product for your listeners.  We have worked with New York Times best-selling authors and our audio books have gone to the top of the charts. Don't let audio quality drag you down. Give your project the best chance for success. Why not have BBC level sound quality for your podcast or audio book?
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Lorin Cutts / 40 Ocean

Lorin grew up in punk bands in the UK before getting a job as a tape-op (apprentice) In a top London recording studio. Here, he worked his way up to studio manager and learnt audio recording and mixing from the ground up. Cutts was signed to London Music/Polygram publishing by his late 20's and after a long break away from music, now writes, produces, mixes, engineers, masters and creates all kinds of audio out of his dream studio near the Columbia Gorge and Mount Adams in Washington State, USA. Lorin has credits from many major media companies throughout the world for his music for TV and his work is published with BBC Worldwide and Audio Network.